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Home Improvement Material Shortage Due To COVID-19


This year has been like no other than any of us can remember. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both the housing market and unemployment in the region is at a record high. Nobody could have predicted that the summer of 2020 was going to be the summer of renovations.

Troubled times are not going to stop the Windsor-Essex community from upgrading their homes. People are forced to spend much more time in their homes, making homeowners motivated to make their surroundings nicer and more welcoming.

Covid-19 is not just affecting Windsor-Essex residential properties. The past several months have limited the capacity of people to enter establishments. With restaurants in particular, outdoor seating has been the only option allowed. As restaurants scrambled to create patios, hardware stores struggled to keep up with the lumber demand.

Building Supply Shortages

Tamar has experienced a surge of homeowners coming in for building supplies and it doesn’t stop at lumber. Vinyl window and steel door wait time are at an all-time high with delivery dates of 10 to 12 weeks when typically they used to be 2 to 4.

PVC Shortage 

There is also a PVC shortage. This has affected us from being able to keep a lot of vinyl siding in stock. This is causing frustrations for suppliers and homeowners alike.

Roofing Experts Ready To Serve You

One area of expertise you can always trust Tamar to help you with is roofing supplies. We are fully stocked on roofing shingles. We invest in our shingles during the winter months so that we are well prepared to meet your roofing demands during spring, summer, and fall.

You can be assured; we are doing everything we can to meet your demands. We are fully staffed and ready to serve you through your home renovation projects. Our experts can offer you advice, recommendations, and customize your shopping experience so you can gain the most knowledge for your time.

Turn to us for all your building supply needs. From hassle-free quotes and estimates, installation brochures filled with tips and tricks, deliveries, warranties, and seminars, we are a building resource that you can depend on.