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Serving Essex County with exterior building materials for over 65 years!

Tamar Building Products can trace its origin to the over-counter sales of roofing materials at Meikar Roofing in the early 1940’s. In 1952, Fred Meikar opened the doors of a rebuilt car lighter factory at 3957 Walker Rd. and called it Tamar Building Products after his wife, Tamara. In 1965, Mr. Meikar formed Windsor Siding & Moulding to provide Tamar a ready supply of aluminum products with minimum dependance on outside manufacturers.

To devote his full attention to Tamar and Windsor Siding, in 1968 Mr. Meikar sold Meikar Roofing to his sales manager, Leo Paprosky and Gary Gascoigne, his son-in-law. When Mr. Meikar retired in 1981, both Tamar Building Products and Windsor Siding & Moulding were sold to Gary Gascoigne, the current owner.

Since 1981, Tamar has continued to grow and solidify its position in Windsor and surrounding areas as a major supplier of roofing and siding materials to both the professional contractor and the do-it-yourselfer. In 2005, a second location in Ruthven was opened to better service county residents. Tamar does business with both contractors and directly with home owners, who could choose to do the work themselves, or hire a contractor to do it. Do it yourselfers and contractors like Tamar because we are focused on all aspects of roofing, siding, eavestroughs, windows, doors and glass block as well as many other products for your home renovation needs. For these product lines, we are truly a one-stop shopping centre.

Our extensive inventory in the above products decreases customer wait times, therefore allowing you to get your project done in a timely manor. Additionally, our proximity to the U.S. market has allowed Tamar to bring many different products into Essex County.