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Eavestrough custom made at your home.

We offer 5″ and 6″ aluminum eavestrough made right at your home. Available in 13 colours, you will be sure to find a colour to compliment the exterior of your home. You will also find a wide range of accessories like downspouts, hangers, gutter seal, elbows. Everything you will need to complete your project. Ask about our special order copper eavestrough and accessories for a more  stately look.

5" Eavestrough & Accessories


5″ Seamless Eavestrough


2-5/8″ x 2-5/8 Outlet


5″ Screw-on Hanger


Left and Right 5″ End Caps


5/8 & 3/8 Painted Screws


White or Clear Gutter Sealant


Outside Box Mitre


Inside Box Mitre

Small Square Elbow

Downpipe Strap

Small Square Downpipe

stop cleaning your gutters every spring and fall

Install Smart Screen® and forget about cleaning out your eavestrough. Smart Screen is the Gutter Protection System that filters out leaves and debris to keep gutters clean and free-flowing.

Smart Screen’s Heavy Duty, all aluminum construction, and it’s front and back fastening system, strengthens the entire gutter system to eliminate damage from wind, animals, and the weight of snow and ice. Smart Screen is the only gutter protection product to receive the Holmes Approved Product designation by Mike Holmes.

Stop cleaning your Gutters every Spring and Fall!

Recessed Fasteners

Provides a clean, virtually invisible installation and secures Smart Screen to your gutter.

Heavy Duty All Aluminum Construction

Provides maximum strength and durability while adding strength to gutter system.

Rounded Smart Edge Technology

Directs water into gutters without trapping leaves, clearing the way for maximum water dispersion.

Water Dispersion Rib Technology

Directs water into the center of the screen allowing the maximum water flow through the screen and into your gutters.

Pre-Cut Overlap Joint

Allows an overlap of each section to the next adding strength & a smooth, flat installation.

Standard Aluminum Eavestrough Colours

Snow White 010

Classic White 030

Polar White 100

Winter White 120

Antique White 140

Sterling White 150

Cream 200

Poplar 210

Parchment 230

Wicker 250

Desert Sand 270

Sierra 290

Sandalwood 300

Beige 310

Sandstone 320

Pebblestone 330

Clay 340

Terra Bronze 350

Canyon Clay 360

Chestnut 400

Chocolate 420

Antique Brown 440

Black 500

Onyx 510

Charcoal 530

Colonial Red 570

Forest Green 600

Rustic Blue 740

Premium Aluminum Eavestrough Colours

Dark Brown 490

Flagstone 540

Bright Red 560

Burgundy 580

The Red 590

Evergreen 610

Ivy 650

Heron Blue 730

Pacific 790

Platinum 960

Classic Copper 980