ice and water shield water proof membrane for roofs

What You Need To Know About lce & Water Shield

Ice & Water Shield is a water proof membrane that provides protection against ice back up, and against shingle failure or shingle blow off. How much Ice & Water Shield should go on your roof?

The Ontario Building Code specifies there must be a minimum three feet of Ice & Water at the eave. If you have more than a 2′ overhang you should have a 2nd row of Ice & Water Shield, meaning 6′.

Should your whole roof be covered by Ice & Water since its water proof? If you have a shallow roof pitch (under 3/12) it may be a good idea to have the entire roof covered, but this is done
with caution as long as there is extra ventilation, as having an entire roof covered in Ice & Water may actually cause condensation to build up in the attic space. The best way to waterproof your roof and keep leaks out is to maintain it properly. Remove snow (at least 2′ above the eaves with a roof rake) before it becomes ice and make sure there is sufficient insulation and adequate ventilation to prevent ice build up in the first place.

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