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3 Step DIY Checklist: You’re Ready for Winter, but are your Windows and Doors?

With the fall and winter seasons approaching, so are the high energy bills. In Canada, up to 95% of energy expense can come from heating. Keeping the heat inside your home should be your #1 priority. Follow this 3 step checklist to see if your windows and doors are ready before the snow starts to fly.


tamar professionals check window caulking

Step 1: Check the Caulking

Walk around the outside of your home and check the caulking on your windows, doors, patio doors and pipes coming through the wall. Look for hairline cracks within the caulking or separation from the frame itself.

Sealants are made with solvents and overtime solvents will dry up, crack and shrink. Caulking should be replaced every 5 years.


tamar professionals check weather stripping

Step 2: Check the Weather Stripping

Open all windows and doors to check the weather stripping found along with the frame/sash. Look for faulty adhesion, compression, and/or cracks from wear and tear.

It is natural for weather-stripping to dry out after years of opening and closing windows/doors. The weather-stripping is a vital component to fighting heat loss and keeping snow out of your home.


tamar building products professional advice

Step 3: Speak to a Tamar Professional

Think your windows and doors might not be up to snuff? We have a place for that. Visit the Tamar Showroom and one of our professionals will give you window and door solutions perfect for your needs.

Windows have an overwhelming amount of options these days. From triple glazed energy advantage units that will reduce heat loss by up to 60%, to energy sufficient dual pane glass in tints and patterns for privacy. It is not as simple as looking for the Energy Star anymore.

Ignoring your windows and doors will cost you too many unnecessary energy charges this winter season. Tamar Building Products will help you choose the windows and doors that not only look good but keep those high energy bills away and your money in your pocket.


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